Friendship and the definition of it – many would describe it with the same Words and/or meaning. Though many also have Another way to see it, thats Life (we are only humans, trying our best). Lately I have added new friends to my fb page – this is exciting and fun though also a challenge sometimes. Time and time again… it`s a limited resource. Maybe I was to Quick – to get new friends who connect – is Lovely! Though have new friends, who need more then you can give – is difficult for both parts. So… I will reply when I can – don`t expect anything from me and I will do the same for you. That way we are FREE. When we meet and connect, it`s a GIFT. One has to be humble and yet also say; I can`t Always give you what you want/need. That´s also a part of friendship. To manage the balance of “weak” and “strong” – we are all both. I put the Words as I see it, respect if you have Another opinion – as long as we are respectfull. I`m a simple man, trying to grow as you are – learn more about the World, show and give love.

Internet Marketing. For good and bad we live in a consumption World. When Resources are used wisely, good. When not – destructive. For me I M is so much more; it`s a way to communicate. We are all “Products” in some way (yes, it`s provocative to some) we are all depending of the material World, […]

5-figure day passive income – and SHOP while you make it.

https://www.5figureday. com/s01/6702 – Please use my link if you say “yes” to this offer! By the way… today I got my first commission 🙂 5 Figure Day Full Throttle Review – Unique Funnel-Based Viral Income System With Built In “Auto-Forwarding” Software Proven To Forward Leads & Commissions Into Your Account On True Autopilot! By Kevin […]

Review – “Beta Switch” 2 feb 2020 Gbg 5 Effective Weight Loss Tips for Women Struggling with Their Weight Surveys have shown that the majority of women who are overweight or obese wish that they could lose the weight. Many feel depressed and inferior. They desperately wish to shed the excess pounds but they feel like they can never achieve it. […]

A new day and then the evening comes to us all. Reflection, 24 hour tiny ad seen by 50 plus people, 8 with engagement, no sales or feedback. I know I must step up about the pages I run. Though no sales with 3 products… it can only improve! Do YOU have any constructive advice or tip send PM, thx. Wish you all a good weekend, love Robert

CB Moneyvine – what do we know ? Inform yourself, I have.

REVIEWS; Conclusion; Recomended to Highly Recomended; 4,7- 5 Stars in rating, Please do your own research if intrested to participate. Do the Reviews cover all the important questions ? Look and decide – can we trust the 3 sources ? I have done my best research and do believe in the idea […]

Poor man, rich man – who are you ? What defines us is how we look at ourself, you can`t measure that. Wealth is so much more then financial independency – it`s the opportunity to choose how you use your time in this LIFE.

Poor man, rich man – who are you ? What defines us is how we look at ourself, you can`t measure that. Wealth is so much more then financial independency – it`s the opportunity to choose how you use your time in this LIFE.

New Year Resolution ? Weight/fit ? can be a way to change.

New Year resolutions… one week into the new year, 2020. Looking around in social media, the blog World and many more places; the LOOK, seems to be the number one promise :-). In order to get it right, WEIGHT and FITNESS is the 2 most essential factors; , no matter how we turn and […]

Here we go again… a bit tired and frustrated. Not the best time to make decisions or big actions not thought through. When u come to the Point of no return – despite fighting hard every waking hour. You realise there is a big change coming – wheter you like it or not. This one is yet… unknown consequences. Not to be all drama, though it`s tough when you getting aware that a significant loss is about to hit your Life. Love, Robert

A NEW day has begun… how will u approach it ? I work on taking the duty and pleasure to the same “must” level. One can easily get lost in both sectors! Finding your own unic voice is the way – no one like u out there dear reader :-)


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