Friendship and the definition of it – many would describe it with the same Words and/or meaning. Though many also have Another way to see it, thats Life (we are only humans, trying our best). Lately I have added new friends to my fb page – this is exciting and fun though also a challenge sometimes. Time and time again… it`s a limited resource. Maybe I was to Quick – to get new friends who connect – is Lovely! Though have new friends, who need more then you can give – is difficult for both parts. So… I will reply when I can – don`t expect anything from me and I will do the same for you. That way we are FREE. When we meet and connect, it`s a GIFT. One has to be humble and yet also say; I can`t Always give you what you want/need. That´s also a part of friendship. To manage the balance of “weak” and “strong” – we are all both. I put the Words as I see it, respect if you have Another opinion – as long as we are respectfull. I`m a simple man, trying to grow as you are – learn more about the World, show and give love.

Internet Marketing. For good and bad we live in a consumption World. When Resources are used wisely, good. When not – destructive. For me I M is so much more; it`s a way to communicate. We are all “Products” in some way (yes, it`s provocative to some) we are all depending of the material World, so we are thereby consumers. Spiruality, faith (and/or various religous beliefs) is also in us – so we balance again… the ego and the divine. The status of material proof, the status of being “chosen” by a higher Power – there is different ways to get lost out there, each one has to find his/hers moral Compass here.

I want to offer Products I can stand by – maybe I succeed, maybe not ? Time will tell, for me it`s not a problem saying “I`m happy if you like what I can offer you” – and then Exchange “value”. Though my aim is not to focus on sales – not many like to be “sold to”. We like to decide ourself and don`t feel pressure or other negative experience. We shop more or less every day, at least in the western World. “Shopaholics”, addicted to Always get a new thing. So, purchase can also become a kind of disease – as so much else, when we do something To Much.

Something else; Writing and have a precense on the internet will be more of in my Life. I will in time open a Agency, with social media management, possibly sales as well, helpinng private people and businesses who do not have the time or desire to be in this digital World for whatever reason. At the same time they feel they “must”, as do the Little man/woman on the street. The World has become faster and overload of info is a risk, yet there is also benefits like connecting with new people who can become friends, all over our common planet.

On a humanity level; the “troll-factories”, the bots and criminals, the bullies and haters – you get my Point – I want to be a part of the war of a free internet used in good intent; connect people and communicate. The media giant don`t take any responsibility – to much destructive is passing through and get published. Instead of love and understanding, various political and financial intrests gain on people have enemies.

Enough now 🙂 hope you did not fell to sleep – I know it was a long piece of text. Now you know me a Little more – I `m happy to get to know you more also! For the one who want to share more then a short chat message, let me know and I will give you my personal e-mail.

Wish you all a good day, love Robert

Published by NoMore

Ordinary Joe Smith and could be your brother. Trying out blogging and sharing - like marketing and design among other things. Want to make dollars from my blog. With love, Robert.

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