New Year Resolution ? Weight/fit ? can be a way to change.

New Year resolutions… one week into the new year, 2020. Looking around in social media, the blog World and many more places; the LOOK, seems to be the number one promise :-). In order to get it right, WEIGHT and FITNESS is the 2 most essential factors; , no matter how we turn and twitch – if we are not COMFORTABLE we lack esteem.

Good luck all out there fighting each day! I`m with you. Lost 25 kilos in 6-7 weeks. Though I can`t recomend it for everyone – one has to listen to your body and soul and consider the choice. Tell you more next time how I did – meanwhile, go on science is my best tip. The industry is for good and bad, the Product below I found providing good value (yes, men can also learn from it 🙂

Since I`m not done with my weight-loss, aiming for 15 kilos lighter, I will keep researching products within weight-loss and fitness. Science backed help has high value comparing helpers.

Best wishes U R

The truth of the matter is that the majority of the people who are obese can lose weight and get fit over time. It takes time. It will take effort and discipline.


Published by NoMore

Ordinary Joe Smith and could be your brother. Trying out blogging and sharing - like marketing and design among other things. Want to make dollars from my blog. With love, Robert.

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