All for Rent! Humans and stuff all the same. Coming to Earth from do not no where. Leaving in a coffin or maybe ashes to the flowers and trees. It`s not so important to me – either way i will get what I deserve coming. It`s not the same with you ? I reckon no matter who you are, what you belive in and so on… we will all get the same. It can be “heaven” and it can be “hell” (can`t define those words really) – the only thing I DO KNOW; no one get`s out here alive! That is ok, one have to adapt. No point being scared and sad, just take each day as a gift, cause that`s all it is. A gift that we shall appreciate, to see the greatness in the smallest of Life. A good laugh, warmth and love… so much to appreciate. If we learn to see things as they actually are, no fake for ourself or others. We are good enough and that`s it. Ok folks, thats all for today. Goodnight and be safe. Love, Robert

Published by NoMore

Ordinary Joe Smith and could be your brother. Trying out blogging and sharing - like marketing and design among other things. Want to make dollars from my blog. With love, Robert.

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