Translation – is it possible ? Yes, it`s possible – but only if you are willing to do the work. To really understand the intention or meaning, is sometimes hard. We come back to the missunderstanding, despite our good intentions. A lot of that has a background of where you grew up – and who your parents are. The ones you communicate with are not from your village. They are not your family, they have another story to tell. With this comes another way of perceive the reality – the more things you have in common, the odds grow for you to “get it” togheter. If we consciously try our best to reach out for the greater good, we have a fair shot of making it. The real problem is we don`t take the time to do the work, (when it`s hard) instead we move on – even if we have not accomplished what we wanted.

Why do this ? (blogging) -cause I can ! All people want to communicate; this is a new way and I like to try it. Get back again to the site questions – they are all legimitate.

I just sat and saw a couple of intresting clips on YouTube – it was about how we think and thereby can learn how others think. We all have common things togheter, still we are also unic each one of us. When I tell you this I grow, beacause I use my ability to think. […]

Evolution, the reason we are here – you and me. I have really nothing new to teach, just a reminder; you can choose how you live your life, as long as you`re on earth. Our own responsibility, that is essential to become a grown up. Otherwise you stay in the childs world, not accountable for your choices in life. We get bits and pieces along the walk of life, with the goal to mature. All threw life we continue to learn, beacause the world keeps changing with us. If we see this as a second chance, our days becomes more like a opportunity of knowledge.

Have been working out now, it`s a very important part of my daily life. It makes me feel more satisfied with myself – nothing beats that. More content, gives me a better life and in extension also the people I impact. We are not alone, we are togheter. The moments we feel connected to each other – then we blossom.

Love or fear. This to be aware of our emotions, the state of mind. Where do they come from, there origin – and how does this apply to the choices we make every day ? With life as a non-stop going adventure/mystery, it never get`s boring. The loneliness each one of us can experience, can become a statement of fact for accepting the terms of life. The world does not exist beacause of yours or my needs only. Still, we are a part of the world – and in order to live here as good as we can, we have to understand the basic truths. There is no go-to-guide, you simply live day by day and try to learn more along the way. The path you choose becomes your life.


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